We are passionate about bringing ideas to reality and thereby delivering incredible results

We are a software design and development company specialized in the design and development of mobile applications and web applications, offering solutions based on new technologies to generate competitive advantages in companies. We are united by the passion of creating user-centered products to help solve a specific problem.

Our work process

1 Idea and Analysis

Our first objective will be to understand and define the idea, understand the scope and needs of its users. For this, an exhaustive collection of information will be carried out through the client.

2 Design and development

We design and build the project with all the required functionalities and the best user experience, based on iterative processes that allow a flexible and efficient workflow.

3 Testing and Launch

We will perform functional and user tests. In addition, we will work together to ensure that when it is launched on the market, it reaches as many users as possible and is a complete success.

4 Maintenance and Updates

We use technology to generate feedback and improve our projects. We monitor and provide the necessary maintenance to our applications to avoid any problem in their operation.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to get my app ready?

    It will depend on the complexity, but our average development and release time is 12 weeks.

  • How much does it cost to develop and publish an app?

    It will depend on the complexity and features required in the application, but our packages start from 200 USD per month.

  • I am developing an idea but I lack details, can you advise me?

    Of course! We can provide advice so that together we find what you need.

  • I have a great idea. Is my idea safe with you?

    Of course! We are a reliable company and if necessary we can sign a confidentiality agreement for your peace of mind.

  • Do you work on projects outside of Querétaro?

    Yes. Currently we have worked on projects based outside the city of Querétaro, such as: Veracruz, CDMX, Los Cabos and other countries such as: the United States, Puerto Rico and Spain. Therefore, distance is not an impediment to providing you with a quality service.

  • Can you help me if I have a great idea and a tight budget?

    No problem. From your idea we can look for an MVP product and adjust to your budget.

We believe that the right tools and implementation can grow ideas and achieve unimaginable goals.